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Angry Birthday party!

If you love the Angry Birds game /phone app as much as my kids do, you will love this party idea!

This amazing PLAYABLE CAKE (yes!) is made of a little chocolate cake, a lot of fondant, some chocolate covered wafers, and a repurposed kids slingshot toy. See here for a video tutorial if you want to make your own!

Most of the cake was made of colored fondant, like this red bird, ready to catapult towards the pigs.

Slingshot with fondant Angry Birds character

The snack table was called “Bird Feed.” And funnily enough for a 6-year-old’s birthday party, the most popular item was the persian cucumber slices! Not offering chips or cookies was probably the key.

Food table labeled BIRD FEED

Angry Birds dessert bar

The party tables…

Party room for Angry Birds party

These fantastic 3D balloon faces were found here.

Balloons decorated with Angry Birds faces

My son was obsessed with the ‘Bomb Bird’ and loved the edible cupcake toppers.

Cupcakes with edible Angry Birds edible toppers

If you would like to order Angry Birds Party Circles (aka Cupcake Toppers or Favor Tags), please see my Etsy shop!

12 Angry Birds party circles on a sheet

Other fun ideas for your Angry Birds party!

A party snack made from Babybel cheese shaped like the red Angry Bird

And if you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you can play Angry Birds on your PC, via Google’s web browser Chrome.


Renee’s Soirees

Renee’s Soirees

Party Styling [definition]: Making your event memorable and unique by unifying the decor, food, activities and favors around a personalized theme, created by Renees Soirees and printed by you!  (OK I made up the definition, but only because people keep asking me for one and I couldn’t find one anywhere!)

If you can dream it, I can theme it!  Please feel free to email me with custom theme requests. Think outside the box! Did you know a party theme can be any color (how about a BLUE party?), any pattern (houndstooth? paisley?) a verb, a noun, and just about anything animal, vegetable or mineral!? Does the person you are hosting the party for have a favorite saying, hobby, toy, or dance?

Visit my Etsy shop for my current designs, or email me with your ideas! (Please note that I generally do not do licensed characters. For example, I am happy to do a train party, but not specifically Thomas.)