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Renee, the owner of Renees Soirees Renee, creator of Renee’s Soirees, received a degree in journalism and public relations from Arizona State University, and spent the next 18 years writing, event planning and doing graphic design in the corporate world.  She went back for an MBA (earned while working full time) and intended to continue a career in the corporate PR world.

However Renee had always loved party planning, and her children always had thoroughly themed (although not necessarily expensive) parties that reflected what they loved at that point in their lives. So when she stumbled upon the budding industry of “Party Styling”, or creating fabulous soirees that both adults and children would enjoy, she knew she had found a new passion!  It was happy coincidence that her French first name rhymed with the French word for party. And so Renee’s Soirees was born!

Renee is a coffee-addicted night owl who is never far from her laptop or her camera.  She has lived in five different countries (Australia, Germany, England, France and the USA) but now rests her head with her family in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.


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  1. I love your creativity! I’m planning on my son’s 7th birthday and he wanted a magic party. I was so lucky to have found your site. I am a click away on buying the Magic party full printable from at etsy but I have a few questions about what kind of paper is best to use for banners, water bottle labels etc. Would you be able to find time to help me please? Any tips also will be well appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!



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