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Graduation Parties

Graduation Parties

When I started a Party Printable business in 2011, I never expected that my busiest season would be GRADUATION! My kids are still young (and let’s face it, it’s been a while since my own graduations, LOL) so I totally underestimated (or maybe forgot) how big of a deal graduations are!

Here are some photos from graduation events I’ve created printables for over the years. I hope they give you ideas for your own grad event. ūüôā

Here is the party table, including printables¬†I made for the chocolate bars, framed prints, and Hershey’s Kisses.


These water bottle wrappers are a quick and inexpensive way to jazz up your party. And they make a fun ‘favor’ that guests can take with them.¬†You can find the printable / digital version here¬†(that you can print on regular copy paper and attach with a bit of tape). And the ones that I print on waterproof paper and ship to you here.


Here they are in a gold color scheme:


The graduate’s father is handy with chalk drawings, so he got this chalkboard at Hobby Lobby and drew this for his son…


These lollipops were made with Candy Melts, long lollipop sticks (both are available at craft stores and Walmart). You can find the molds like these on Amazon.


These adorable diploma snacks are made with Hostess Ho Hos. Just wrap a ribbon around them, using the school colors. So clever!



I made cupcake toppers in the school colors, and personalized with the grad’s name and class year. They are part of the collection, or can be ordered individually¬†here¬†(select ‘Graduation’ from the drop-down menu).


These Hershey’s Kiss stickers (found here) are personalized with name, year, and school colors. They can also be used on Rolos or mini Reece’s Cups.


Here are the kisses in different colors (I can do pretty much any color combination):


Here is the banner. The hosts printed 2 copies. They hung one on the pergola in the backyard, and taped the other one to the outdoor bar area. ¬†You can order a banner here in your school colors (select ‘Graduation’ from the drop-down menu).


I made this frameable print for the hosts, and they got the frame at a dollar store. You can order it individually here (select ‘Graduation’ from the drop-down menu).


Some examples of how to use the 4-inch medallions included in the Graduation Collection:



These chocolate bar wrappers are easy to print (on regular copy paper) and wrap around a full-sized Hershey’s bar. They make a great favor as well. Available in collection, or individually here.¬†IMG_8077-grad-choc-bars

Other fun pics of some of the creative options host Shana made:


You can make cute diplomas using Pirouette cookies (made by Pepperidge Farm):



I also made these candy grad caps for a preschool graduation party. They were a huge hit (photo credit TurnerFamilyx4 and instructions are found on Bakerella here):

grad pops by TurnerMom


I have also done graduation invitations with an emoji theme:


AND I have also done invitations for preschool and kindergarten graduation parties:


Collection (including invitation found here):


I hope you found some helpful ideas here for ways to celebrate your own proud graduate!

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Renee’s Soirees

Renee’s Soirees

Party Styling [definition]: Making your event memorable and unique by unifying the decor, food, activities and favors around a personalized theme, created by Renees Soirees and printed by you!¬† (OK I made up the definition, but only because people keep asking me for one and I couldn’t find one anywhere!)

If you can dream it, I can theme it!  Please feel free to email me with custom theme requests. Think outside the box! Did you know a party theme can be any color (how about a BLUE party?), any pattern (houndstooth? paisley?) a verb, a noun, and just about anything animal, vegetable or mineral!? Does the person you are hosting the party for have a favorite saying, hobby, toy, or dance?

Visit my Etsy shop for my current designs, or email me with your ideas! (Please note that I generally do not do licensed characters. For example, I am happy to do a train party, but not specifically Thomas.)


{New Collection} BALLOON PARTY!

{New Collection} BALLOON PARTY!

This balloon collection was inspired by my toddler, who LOVES balloons and thinks they are called “BOW-loons”. So I knew that his 2nd birthday just had to be full of BOW-loons and bright, primary colors. I hope you enjoy some photos of Deacon’s recent Balloon Party!

I printed up the invitations as a regular color copy, in 4×6″ size. Any bigger than that and you will have a hard time finding a balloon long enough to hold it. I rolled the invite tightly, taped it, and had someone hold the mouth of the balloon open a bit while I slid it in. Then I added some confetti and blew up the balloon. I attached a tag that said, “POP ME!” so the kids could get excited about the party.

Green balloon with an invitation inside and a tag that says POP ME

Guests were greeted by a path lined with balloons increasing in height, so as to build anticipation!

Front door with balloons leading up to it

Then came the¬†colorful balloon wreath, created by my assistant, who was handed several bags of balloons and an 18″ wreath, and given only this instruction: “Make it purdy…” I love the outcome, and I think it really made the 4″ medallion from my collection POP! (No pun intended!)

Balloon-covered wreath on a front door

We decided to give the decorations ‘height’, just because it was a Balloon party. So we utilized the balcony (which my kids call the ‘Rapunzel Room’).

Balcony decorated with a balloon wall and streamers below

This is the ‘dessert table’, which actually had veggies on it too, in my [feeble] attempt to balance cupcakes with crudites. ūüôā

Balloon dessert table with banner, streamers, cake pops etc

The cupcake toppers, which also made an appearance in several other places…

Cupcakes on a cake platter with balloon-themed cupcake toppers

Who says Cupcake Toppers are just for cupcakes?!

Crudites with cupcake toppers

These adorable balloon-shaped cake pops made the kids positively wide-eyed!

cake pops in primary colors in the shape of balloons

The balloon-shaped Fruit Pizzas were my idea. What do you think? Hit or miss?

3 plates with balloon-shaped cookie dough fruit pizza

And this may have been my favorite part of the whole party… I handed my assistant a bag of Babybel cheeses and asked her to make them look like balloons. ADORABLE! And a great way to get some healthier foods into the mix.

Babybel red cheese rounds made to look like a bouque of balloons

My Aussie mates know that no kids party is complete without FAIRY BREAD! But I decided to pinwheel them to give them a balloon look. For non-Aussie readers, Fairy Bread is very easy to make, and very popular with the Tin Lids (aka KIDS).

a tray with rolled-up Fairy Bread on toothpicks, pinwheel style

And here are the favors… the kids got a box with a water balloon kit, a helium balloon tied to it, and a Rice Krispie balloon pop. I attached the Favor Tags included in this collection to the box with a balloon sticker from Creative Memories.

3 party boxes with a balloon attached and a label that says THANKS FOR POPPING BY

A tag with a balloon photo that says THANKS FOR POPPING BY

water bottles with Balloon-themed labels on them

Birthday child in applique shirt with a balloon

Here is the invitation, it can be personalized with or without a photo.

Printable Birthday Invitation with balloons

And here are the coordinating items:

I could see this collection being adapted for many different functions: a Welcome Home party, graduation, or pretty much any occasion where balloons would be welcome (and for me, that means ALL occasions. LOL).

See my Balloon Pinterest board for more ideas!

Party Partners!

Balloon Invitation and Printable Accessories by Renees Soirees
Birthday Boy applique shirt by Absolutely Handmade
Balloon Cake Pops by Mind Over Batter, Tempe, Arizona
Photos by Rule of Faith Photography, Phoenix, Arizona.
Red basket (for veggies) from Sur la Table – now on clearance for 75% less than I paid!
Red round serving tray from Sur la Table

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

I hosted this shower for two moms-to-be, who were expecting different gender babies. I decided to leave the traditional pinks and blues behind, and go for a yellow and black theme. I call it, “Welcome Ba-Bee!”

8x10 bee prints on front door

Buffet table with banner, balloons, bee-themed decorations

Putting together yellow and black foods, and honey-themed items for the buffet was so much fun!

Photo of yellow and black buffet food

Big sis in a coordinating shirt from the Gymboree Bee Chic line.


I’m always amazed at how many comments I get about water bottle labels at my parties. It is a detail that I don’t think many people have seen, and guests will invariably pick up a bottle and say, “NO. WAY. This is so cool!”¬† I’ll let you in on a little secret though… they are the easiest part of the party!¬† I print them on regular paper, do a few quick cuts on the paper cutter, and attach them with a bit of tape. Voila! Quick party glam.

These bumble bee pops elicited squeals of glee from both children and adults. They were not only adorable, they tasted amazing!

Cake pops shaped lke Bumble Bees

I made these cake shooters with a slight twist… I used brownie bites and cheesecake that I made and then cut into circles (using the push pop container as a ‘cookie cutter’. Then I added a touch of chocolate frosting. YUMMO!

   Soiree Sweeties (Vendors):

Bee Cake Pops by Gourmet Cakes and More (located in the Phoenix metro area)
Bee Party Printables by Renee’s Soirees
Stoneware Flower Utensil Holder (holding push pops) & Bee coffee mug from Pier1
Push Pop containers from Etsy
Bee shirt from Gymboree

To Gift or Not To Gift? That is the question…

What do you do when you receive an invitation that requests no gift for the birthday child? Comply and risk being the only person who arrives sans gift? Or bring one and face the ire of parents who wonder why no one can follow directions anymore?

Do you request no gifts when you throw a party?  A friend gave me her perspective during an email conversation (remember those? They fell somewhere post-verbal, but pre-text).  She said:

“I think any kid in a middle or upper-middle class neighborhood probably has more toys than they need as it is. Or in less well-0ff areas, well it could be a financial hardship to expect friends to bring gifts. So either way, I think it’s just tacky to not ask your guests to refrain from bringing a gift. But you have to be firm about it. Say something like, ‘Our Grace has a room bursting with toys and clothes, so please bring only your smiling face!’ That has worked for me.”

I tend to agree that most children in western nations could use a lesson in living simply. I have tried various techniques, with varying degrees of success. For my oldest child’s first birthday, I put, “Your presence is your present!” on the invitation. Most guests brought gifts anyway.

If you are looking for an approach with better success rates, here are a few ideas:

White box with pink bow and a Princess embellishment** Ask friends to bring a bag of cat or dog food, and have your child make a welcome donation to a local no-kill animal shelter.

** Ask for unwrapped gifts that will be donated to a toy drive or child crisis center. Or wrapped items that fulfill an Adopt-A-Family wishlist. This works great for a November or December party, when gift drives are very active.¬† If you think your child will be tempted by the site of all the new toys, request they be for the opposite gender from your child’s (request girl toys for your son’s party, for example).¬† Call around until you find a shelter that will allow a tour when your child arrives, or at least a peek at how some families live. Seeing the small bunk and few stuffed animals that are the sole possession of a child in a long-term shelter will make it easier for your child to part with the toys, and will really drive the ‘giving’ message home.

** I would never deprive a family member, especially a grandparent, from the pleasure of surprising their grandchild for their birthday. But you can limit the focus on consumerism by asking others for gifts of time. Trips to the zoo, a bike ride and picnic, an art lesson or lunch date will be remembered much longer than the latest toy or cute outfit. Read the rest of this entry

Angry Birthday party!

If you love the Angry Birds game /phone app as much as my kids do, you will love this party idea!

This amazing PLAYABLE CAKE (yes!) is made of a little chocolate cake, a lot of fondant, some chocolate covered wafers, and a repurposed kids slingshot toy. See here for a video tutorial if you want to make your own!

Most of the cake was made of colored fondant, like this red bird, ready to catapult towards the pigs.

Slingshot with fondant Angry Birds character

The snack table was called “Bird Feed.” And funnily enough for a 6-year-old’s birthday party, the most popular item was the persian cucumber slices! Not offering chips or cookies was probably the key.

Food table labeled BIRD FEED

Angry Birds dessert bar

The party tables…

Party room for Angry Birds party

These fantastic 3D balloon faces were found here.

Balloons decorated with Angry Birds faces

My son was obsessed with the ‘Bomb Bird’ and loved the edible cupcake toppers.

Cupcakes with edible Angry Birds edible toppers

If you would like to order Angry Birds Party Circles (aka Cupcake Toppers or Favor Tags), please see my Etsy shop!

12 Angry Birds party circles on a sheet

Other fun ideas for your Angry Birds party!

A party snack made from Babybel cheese shaped like the red Angry Bird

And if you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you can play Angry Birds on your PC, via Google’s web browser Chrome.

Magic Party

Magic Party

Even though I do my own party printables, sometimes your child requests a certain theme, and when you research it, you realize that you could never improve upon a printable collection that already exists. And that’s how I found myself using the Magic collection from Shindig Parties. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed throwing this party…

Here is the dessert table:

Photo of Magic Party dessert table as styled by Renees Soirees

And the amazing custom Magic Hat cake, complete with wand! Made by the Cake Cafe in Ahwatukee, AZ.

Cake made to look like a magic hat and wand

The cupcake tower, striped “6” (cardboard number purchased at Hobby Lobby and Mod Podged with scrapbook paper).

3-Tiered cupcake stand with cupcakes with magic cupcake toppers

I made some cake shooters, consisting of mini chocolate cupcakes, and red frosting.

These Top Hat Pops are my own creation, inspired by similar leprechan hats (with instructions here). They are made of jumbo marshmallows, Nilla Wafers, and dipped in dark chocolate candy melts (tinted even darker with a bit of black food coloring). I used a flat frosting tip and red frosting for the band.

Magic Hats on a stick

I made the pretzel “magic wands” by dipping pretzels into white chocolate candy coating, and sprinkling red decorative sugar on them while they were still wet.

The cutlery holder is a re-purposed container with an opening for a photo in the front. I purchased it at Home Goods and used a favor tag instead. The glass container for the pretzels is also from Home Goods.

Presto Pretzel wands dipped in white chocolate

I filled apothcary jars with red and black candy (M&M’s, licorice, cherry sours, red gumballs, etc).
I made these tags myself, so don’t be cross with Amanda at Shindig if it isn’t included in her collection.¬† ūüôā

Small apothecary jar filled with red candy and a tag that says CHERRY SOURS

Because the party was near Easter, there were bunny items galore in the stores, but most of them were the wrong color scheme. But I couldn’t resist picking up these rabbit pops from Sam’s Club. The sign is a 4″ medallion taped to a chop stick (yep!) and the can is a formula can wrapped in scrapbook paper (no kidding)! See, you can make a party as elaborate or as inexpensive as you want!

Rabbit-shaped lollipops in a can with a Happy Birthday tag

Well I can’t feed the children JUST desserts, so I had another table with healthier options.

Photo of a plate of vegetables labeled VOILA VEGGIES

The food was fun, but the REAL highlight of the party was the magician. Christopher the Magician made the kids and the parents laugh, and after the show he gave them a magic lesson and a favor bag with magic supplies. I first met him when he performed for my son’s kindergarten class on a day that I happened to be volunteering. I think I laughed harder than the kids did, so I knew we had to have him!

Here is the birthday boy with his siblings. (He looks like he’s sulking, but I think it’s just the shadows.)
He is wearing a custom shirt that I bought on Etsy from a seller who no longer exists, but there are many other cute options, for instance these shirts with a magic hat and age number or initial.
I bought a magician costume for the birthday boy’s little brother (figured I could use it again at Halloween, right?!).

3 children at magic party

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Colin’s Magic Party!

Room with 2 buffet tables, black and red streamers and balloons

All photos (except for the last one) by the amazing Amanda at Rule of Faith Photography.

Easter Treats!

An Easter treat made from Peeps and Rice Krispie Treats

Made of:
‚ÄĘRice Krispie Treats shaped into a nest (via a muffin pan)
‚ÄĘCoconut (green food coloring & coconut in a ziptop baggie, shake)
‚ÄĘEgg-shaped candy (Jelly Beans, Whoppers, etc)
‚ÄĘChick Peeps